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Is that Kangna?

Kangna Ranaut stands alone among her contemporaries as the only girl who doesn’t need to drastically change her body type or make-up to look different.

There is just something intrinsically in her features that changes all the time. According to her it is because all her features are small and no one part of her face dominates the others.

Be that as it may in this still from No Problem she looks almost unrecognisable from the girl we are used to seeing.

Tell her that and she replies that even her mother tells her that she is constantly changing. “This will continue to happen for the next few years.

She promises, “till my features finally settle down to what they will be for the rest of my life.” She recounts how.

When attending red carpet functions, she often passes the bank of photographers who realise who she is only because of her publicist accompanying her.


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Ken takes no chances with Jiah

It seems that Jiah Khan’s ghost has come back to haunt director Ken Ghosh and the crew of Chance Pe Dance.

After the bitter experience that Jiah Khan went through when she was unceremoniously dumped from Chance Pe Dance, she is now visible in the film.

Jiah shot for around 20 days for the film before she was replaced by Genelia D’souza.  Our source said, “Yesterday afternoon, there was a trial for the cast and crew of the film in Bandra.

While watching the rough cut, they noticed that Jiah Khan was spotted in the background in one of the songs.

Ken Ghosh panicked and asked the operator to rewind the shot and his worst fear came true.  He was disappointed as he could not edit the shot as it was part of the song.

The technical error can’t be reshot as they can’t make the set and get the same dancers back for the song.

In fact, all the portions that Jiah had shot for were chopped or Genelia was replaced digitally.  nNow the entire team is trying to work out how Jiah can be removed from the song.

The technical crew is working overtime trying to either pixilate the portion where Jiah is visible or erase her from the frame. In either case, it will be a creative liberty.”

Ken Ghosh has decided that discretion is the better part of valour. He said, “I don’t know where you have heard this news and I do not wish to comment on this.”

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John Abraham with Hollywood hotties

One of the best looking hunks of Bollywood is now set to team up with a Hollywood hottie.

John Abraham will pair with a Hollywood actress in director Shirish Kunder’s much-touted ‘Alien Sahib’.

If reports are to be believed, Kunder is hoping to rope in either Scarlett Johansson or Anne Hathaway for the film which will be made for global audiences.

The director plans to use the fusion 3D camera technique for the flick and will be signing a lot of technicians from the west for it.

But the big surprise is indeed the presence of a Hollywood actress.  “The female protagonist is. A foreign national so we decided to cast a Hollywood actress for it,” Kunder is quoted as saying in a media report.

Though Shirish refuses to divulge any name, he’s flying to Los Angeles to meet the agents of a couple of Hollywood actresses. With the meeting of talents from two the biggest filmmaking industries in the world, the possibility of a Hollywood actress working in a Bollywood movie is much more today than it was a few years ago.

Just earlier this year, we saw Akshay Kumar romancing Denise Richards and rubbing shoulders with Sylvester Stallone in Kambakkht Ishq. John already has the advantage of having had international exposure through Deepa Mehta’s film Water which was nominated for the Oscars two years back.

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Aamir Khan spins some magic, overwhelms Kareena

Aamir Khan recently gifted a Rs. 25, 000 handloom saree to Kareena Kapoor made by handloom workers of Chanderi village in Madhya Pradesh. Kareena was overwhelmed by the present.  Kareena was asked to fly down to Madhya Pradesh for two days.She had to travel for 14 hours to reach Chanderi. All this while, she didn’t know where they were going and all she knew was that they had to meet Aamir. So when she received the black and gold traditional saree, like the ones the weavers used to make for the nawabs, she was overjoyed.

According to Kareena, Aamir Khan wanted her to have the saree because she is a style icon and she should promote the work of these handloom industries. The ancestors of the workers used to work for royal families.

Kareena and Aamir went to the workers’ homes, interacted with them and saw that they live in miserable conditions and make only about Rs. 50 while the designers borrow their work and sell it for Rs. 30-40, 000. Aamir has invited some of the workers to the premiere of 3 Idiots.

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